About the artist

Once a PhD of molecular biology, Mélanie Paulin took a creative turn in 2013 that led to the founding of a furniture painting studio which she ran for the better part of a decade. In recent years, her focus has turned towards other forms of expression including printmaking and embroidery.   

Centered around the tactile nature of materials and process, Mélanie’s practice favors slow-paced, methodical and repetitive techniques that create time and space to sift through thoughts and feelings. She has a special interest in the acknowledgement and recognition of the many ways that women make art while exploring themes of domesticity, emotions and the invisible and unpaid work of women. 

In 2022, Mélanie was supported by the New Brunswick Arts Board to further her artistic career development through the Foundation for Visual Arts program at the New Brunswick College for Craft and Design. Mélanie has served as a member and secretary on the board of the Centre des Arts et de la Culture Dieppe, has contributed to fundraising art exhibitions and is a fervent supporter of her local art community. She is currently based in Moncton New Brunswick from where she lives, mothers and works from her private home studio.

CV Mélanie Paulin