Mélanie Paulin is a visual artist currently based in Moncton, New Brunswick from where she mothers and works. Once a PhD of environmental microbiology, Mélanie took her passion for breathing new life into unwanted furniture and turned it into a successful furniture painting studio which she ran for the better part of a decade. Wanting to push her creativity a step further, her focus has now turned towards other forms of expression such as textile arts and printmaking. 

Forever curious in art and life, her work revisits past and present experiences of motherhood and the natural world. She embraces the handmade nature and imperfections of her work and holds a special interest in the acknowledgement and recognition of the many ways that women make art.

In 2022, Mélanie graduated from the Foundation for Visual Arts program at the New Brunswick College for Craft and Design. She has served as a member and secretary on the board of the Centre des Arts et de la Culture Dieppe, has contributed to fundraising art exhibitions and is a fervent supporter of her local art community.  Her work has been featured at Galerie Sans Nom, Atelier Imago and George Fry Gallery.

CV Mélanie Paulin


Through the exploration of textile arts and printmaking, I revisit and reinterpret life experiences, with a particular focus on the themes of motherhood, environmental care, and self-care. My artistic journey has led me on a path to rediscover both myself and the world around me. I'm irresistibly drawn to the tactile nature of my chosen materials, which allow me to engage in the creative process with profound intent. My work highlights the beauty found in imperfections and celebrates the uniqueness of the handmade. I frequently repurpose discarded materials, breathing new life into forgotten textiles, yarns, and papers.

I create art deliberately and thoughtfully, employing repetitive motions that offer a space for my thoughts to intertwine with the movements of my hands. This 'slow making' isn't about the speed of creation; rather, it's a practice that harmonizes with the natural pace of life. By engaging in this deliberate process, I carve out room for personal growth, contemplation, and connection. 

In a world that accelerates relentlessly, I invite viewers to engage with my art slowly. I encourage them to linger a little longer, dig a little deeper into the emotions it conveys, and experience the beauty that emerges from the unhurried embrace of creativity.